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Twelve Step Rehab Programs

The guiding principles that were originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous as a method of recovering from alcohol addiction are now the foundation for many twelve step rehab programs throughout the country. These principles outline a standard course of action that takes the addict from the bottoms of addiction through to helping others recover too. Each step is part of a the bigger plan which is to help those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, gambling addiction or other compulsive disorders to get well.

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Twelve step rehab programs include a process of:

These programs have been an active part of the drug addiction treatment world since the 1900s shortly after 1935 when the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step recovery program was first implemented. Today, many different programs utilize this method of therapy to assist those who are addicted to cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, marijuana addiction and opiate addiction with achieving their recovery goals. Some of the more common 12-step rehab programs that are found today include:

Many twelve step rehab programs are available.  Call 1-800-895-1695 for a free referral for help.

There are also a wide range of twelve step rehab programs that are based on compulsive disorders such as gambling, sex addiction, hoarding and eating disorders. Twelve step rehab programs have even evolved to provide support and help for the family members, friends and loved ones of those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. These programs (Al-Anon & Nar-Anon) are open to families and friends of those who are addicted and provide support to help break the family cycle of abuse and disaster that comes as a result of drug or alcohol addiction.

While twelve step recovery programs are not effective for every addict, many people have found great benefits in the support, structure and care that is provided by the rehab centers which utilize these special programs in their addiction treatment regimen.