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Drug and alcohol addiction may be the most prevalent problems treated in rehab centers but they aren’t the only addictions that cause instability in people’s lives.  Millions of people also suffer from addictions to sex, food, gambling and other compulsive activities that create problems physically, mentally, financially, socially and otherwise.  Addiction comes in many forms and affects people in various manners but the primary methods of treatment, the basics that are found in nearly every addiction rehabilitation program remain the same.

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The fundamentals of addiction treatment and rehabilitation include:

At Addiction Rehab Guide.com you will find detailed guides that will assist you in better understanding your addiction or an addiction that a loved one suffers from.  These guides include valuable information about recognizing the addiction, the benefits of seeking help and the next steps that you can take to getting sober.  Rehab centers effectively provide treatment for a range of addictions including.  Here you will find detailed guides about:

Alcohol Rehab

The alcohol rehab guide provides information about the various treatment methodologies that are used in the treatment of alcohol addiction.  This rehab guide discusses the many different types of treatment & rehabilitation that are available to assist you in recovery including holistic treatment, faith based options and dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring health conditions. Click here to access the alcohol rehab guide.

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Drug Rehab

For the millions of people who suffer from substance abuse, drug rehab is an option for treatment and recovery.  There are many different types of drug rehab available to assist those who suffer from various types of substance abuse including heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drug addictions.  The drug rehab guide addresses the many benefits to choosing drug rehab and what you can expect when you start treatment. Click here to access the drug rehab guide.

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Sex Addiction Rehab

Many people suffer from addiction, but not addiction to a substance.  Sexual addictions plague the lives of those who are addicted to these behaviors and can also negatively impact the family members and loved ones of the addict as well.  The sex addiction rehab guide can help you learn how to recognize the signs of a sexual addiction and learn how to tell if you need help.  The guide also addresses the many benefits of sex addiction rehab including renewed self-confidence and a sense of spirit. Click here to access the sex addiction rehab guide.

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