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Is Meth Addiction Rehab Right for Me?

Addiction to methamphetamine can be deadly if it is not treated. The disease is characterized by three primary symptoms which include:

Crystal meth is highly addictive and the chemical reactions that are caused in the brain when meth is snorted, smoked or injected will trick the body into believing that it actually has a lot of energy. Unfortunately, this results in the body using up energy that it would typically use for other functions and in the end, exhaustion will likely occur. Meth addicts tend to stay away for days or even weeks at a time before they finally crash and burn from the exhaustion caused by their drug use.

Over time, crystal meth use will reduce the levels of dopamine that are produced in the brain. This leaves the user unable to feel pleasure and can lead to depression or other problems. When the user stops taking methamphetamine, the brain may take days, weeks or even months to gain back functional capabilities. In some cases, life-long brain damage may even occur.

How Meth Addiction Rehab can Help

Fortunately, there is treatment available for those who do become physically or psychologically addicted to methamphetamine. Meth addiction rehab can diagnose meth addiction, provide assessment, detox and treatment for the disease and will help you get well. Many meth addiction rehab programs offer healthcare services, psychiatric services, social services and follow-up care to ensure that you have the best possible chance to get well.

Counseling and therapy is provided which is beneficial in many ways. For the meth user who abused the drug for a long time, reduced dopamine levels are likely to have caused depression. Anxiety and psychosis are also major complications that can result from methamphetamine use. Counseling and therapy can assist in the recovery from depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders which have resulted from methamphetamine use.

Is Meth Addiction Rehab Right for Me?

If you use methamphetamine and cannot quit or you have tried to quit and have relapsed, meth addiction rehab is your best chance to get sober. Successful rehabilitation will likely include a series of counseling and therapy sessions and may even include medical treatment to promote your overall health and well-being. Most programs are at least 90 days long but depending on how long it takes you to detox from the methamphetamine, you may require extended treatment.

Meth addiction is a challenging situation to overcome but there is help and you should never lose hope that you will one day overcome the meth addiction. Rehab is available in inpatient and outpatient forms to provide you with the treatment, counseling, medical care and social support that you need to get well. For help, call 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor. We can help you decide if meth addiction rehab is the right choice.